Mercy Relief launches programme to recognise volunteers’ efforts

Humanitarian relief group Mercy Relief introduced a badge system to better recognise the contributions of its volunteers.

The Mercy Clan and its insigne was launched on Sunday.

“We launched what we call a Mercy Clan, where we issue badges for the amount of time and effort they put into the different volunteer projects that they take on,” said Mr T K Udairam, the chairman of Mercy Relief.

“It’s public recognition of the effort that they put in. I think things like this, efforts like this, will help them to sustain their interest in volunteer work.”

A volunteer will be given a badge for his time and effort.

Volunteers can collect three different badges after they have recorded the time spent at workshops and in projects.

Mercy Relief, which has a pool of more than 300 active volunteers, is confident its volunteers will be motivated to collect all three badges.

Mr Udairam hopes that this will produce a more distinct sense of identity and camaraderie among volunteers.

Source: CNA