Charity event raises S$130,000 for former national shooter who lost limbs

A total of S$130,000 has been raised for former national shooter Aishah Samad, who lost all her limbs due to gangrene. The amount raised will go towards purchasing a pair of advanced prosthetic hands and legs for the mother of two.

A two-day charity fun-shoot held over the weekend aimed to raise S$100,000 for Aishah.

The event at Yishun SAFRA, attracted many supporters, including national athletes.

An anonymous donor even pledged S$12,000 to pay for her prosthetic legs.

The money raised is crucial as Aishah is still paying for her simple S$6,000 prosthetic legs, which need periodic replacing as the stumps shrink.

Aishah said: “(I am) very, very, very, very, surprised by the turnout of people, because this is four times the support yesterday.

“I did not expect that much support from the public, support from other events, people I do not know, or people who just got to know me from the news, or from Facebook. I’m very very surprised.”

Source: CNA