Volunteer Opportunity: Rock the Love

Volunteer Opportunity Rock the Love

Blessings in a Bag is a non-profit project that seeks to partner with existing communities, orphanages, schools, homes as well as initiatives to provide for the needs of underprivileged, abused and medically-ill children across Asia.

As part of Blessings in a Bag’s local LOVE IS LOUD programme, they will be introducing ROCK THE LOVE, weekly tutor sessions for about 30 kids living in Block 37, Circuit Road. These children mostly come from low income or single parent families who cannot afford to send their children for tuition. Many of their parents also do not see the importance of education or do not have the time to supervise them in their schoolwork or guide them along in life so that they do not stray. The videos below will allow you to catch a glimpse of the living environment of these children.


Hence these weekly sessions are not just about academic tuition; kids will have tutor buddies who will play the roles of teacher, friend and mentor. These kids need to have tutor buddies to guide them, be their listening ears and be looked up to, so the kids know they are amazing, and they are loved. 😀

To let these kids get the help and guidance that they need, tutor buddies are needed who will be able to commit for 2 hours on Friday evenings (at least 6 out of 10 weeks per academic term). They are looking for volunteers who are passionate about helping others, love working with kids, are accountable and responsible, can communicate well and are able to teach basic primary school/secondary school level material.

Interested volunteers can sign up here!