Four non-profit organisations housed under one roof to network, collaborate

Four non-profit organisations will now be housed in a space that acts as a platform to network, share expertise and explore collaborations.

Called the International Involvement Hub (I2Hub), it is based at The Atrium@Orchard.

The four organisations are the Singapore Institute of International Affairs, the Singapore International Foundation, the Singapore Red Cross and Temasek Foundation.

They are engaged in building international understanding, capacity building and development work, as well as disaster relief.

The newly-launched hub will collectively encourage and facilitate the involvement of Singaporeans in programmes outside the country, whether it is to do with social and community development, or with humanitarian and relief efforts.

Singaporeans will also be able to get information and advice they need in order to volunteer, donate, or set up new groups to serve in those areas.

Speaking at the launch, Guest-of-Honour Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong said there is potential for other similar international involvement organisations to partner with those based at the hub.

All the four organisations, with the exception of the Singapore Red Cross, are now based at the new hub. The Singapore Red Cross only has its academy there to provide training. Fifty-two per cent of the 2,000 square metre space is shared by the four organisations in the form of meeting rooms or incubation rooms.

Mr Goh said: “It will also foster a stronger connection between Singaporeans and others outside our country through educational programmes and exchanges.”

He added: “By carrying the spirit of volunteerism abroad, by developing empathy for others, and by giving practical help, we contribute in a small and modest way to a better world. By becoming more involved in the world around us, we also develop friendships and garner goodwill for Singapore.”

He said he is optimistic that the hub can serve as a model to show how different organisations can come together to collaborate, pool resources, and share ideas to do good.

Jean Tan, executive director of the Singapore International Foundation, said: “I think the contribution and the impact of Singapore’s contribution to international understanding and development could be better conveyed and coordinated by a central strategic driver.

“Right now, the collaboration happens more by accident than by design. What will be really powerful is when we are really able to harness the potential of partnerships in working together in the region.”

Source: CNA