Donate your coin bank savings for a great deed

Donate your coin bank savings for a great deed

Gain City has partnered Yuhua constituency in a fundraising drive to encourage the young to save with the “Loving Heart joy Truck” coin bank priced at $10.

Proceeds from the sale of the coin banks will be donated to Yuhua Loving Heart Multi-Service Centre (LHMSC) to buy a wheelchair accessible passenger van.

LHMSC serves more than 14 beneficiaries that include Medical Escort Service and Silver Heart Wellness Centre @ Yuhua and Meal Delivery Service.

Gain City managing director Kenny Teo mooted this fundraising idea to encourage people to save and learn the value of delayed gratification.

He said: “I believe that effecting change in our behaviour requires small steps such as saving just a cent or two a day. If we can promote a positive habit in our young, it will make our effort for this fundraiser all the more meaningful and create a lasting impact for our society.”

Gain City employees, partners and Yuhua volunteers will canvas for public donations with their life-sized fourteen-footer truck equipped to sell the coin banks.

The Loving Heart Joy truck will also be visiting schools to promote their cause.

On August 25, the public can bring their filled coin banks to Marina Square to donate their savings.

Donors will be able to keep their coin bank. The fundraiser aims to raise $65,000.

Ms Grace Fu, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, Second Minister for the Environment and Water Resources and Second Minister for Foreign Affairs, said: “I’m heartened that more private organisations are stepping up to tailor their corporate social responsibilities to the underprivileged. One such organisation is Gain City, who is willing to share the task of ensuring that Loving Heart continues to propagate its services.”

Added Ms Fu, who is an MP for Yuhua: “They have put up coin banks nicknamed Loving Heart Joy Trucks that are being sold at $10 each with all proceeds from the sale to be donated to Loving Heart to enable them to buy a brand new, wheelchair accessible passenger van.”

Source: Asiaone