Join The MP3 Experiment: Singapore’s Soundtrack‏

MP3 Experiment Singapore Soundtrack‏

Presented by The Hidden Good and Improv Everywhere

The Hidden Good ( – a movement aims at making Singapore a more awesome place by embracing positivity, breaking down barriers and getting people together.

As part of their biggest experiment yet, they are organising this year’s MP3 Experiment in Singapore. Heard of it before, you say? Yes, it’s been done in the US and other modern cities together with the juggernaut of Social Experiments, Improv Everywhere.
So what’s it about?

It’s essentially an event for the friends and family to go down and make a statement. Historical records have proven that this is definite fun, and a guaranteed not-to-be-missed event. Read the pictorial for more information.
So what should you do?

Go to our Facebook page and like at

Share the page with your friends and get everyone involved, and register officially at

Its on 27th July in the evening so don’t miss this!

Any questions? Just send us a buzz on Facebook or at

Wanna Join our Crew?

We want to invite YOU! to be a part of this. We want to make sure this works – and therefore we’re going to be doing mini-experiments on 6 and 20 July along Orchard Road, and 13 July at the First Steps Carnival (another event under SHINE youth festival) at Marina Barrage. These will be used to test the actual track as well as to surprise the crowd and publicise the event – so you’ll be a pioneer in getting the experiment out! That’s something to take home.

On the actual day, we need people to help with crowd-control and engaging the public. If you have the heart to make someone smile and capture others make Singapore a better place, then join us on this day. You can go for the mock-experiments to get your taste of the MP3 Experiment. You’ll also get special crew privileges!

If you’re interested, and we really do hope you are, go to the Google Form below and key in your name and contact so that we can contact you! Get your friends down as well!

Sign up as a crew member:

We’re very excited to meet all of you who join us at The Hidden Good. We’ve been fortunate to come across so many amazing people along the way and those of you who come down with us will probably be as awesome to meet.

So once again, check out our page and videos (like and subscribe:D), and key in which dates you’d like to join us!

For more questions, feel free to email us at

Looking forward to meeting you!
Rovik and Leon
The Hidden Good