Volunteer for Project Colours Silver Homes (8 Oct 2016)


Project Colours aims to bring colours to the lives of our seniors and young families living in rental units.

There will be a special session on 8th October 2016 for bedbug fumigation. Don’t worry, you need not know how to fumigate bedbugs, (because external vendors have been engaged to do the fumigation) but your help is definitely needed to move furniture out of the house and assist with simple cleaning after the fumigation!

Full protection suits will be provided for all volunteers.

Date: 8th Oct 2016
Venue: Lengkok Bahru (Redhill MRT)
Time: 9.30am to 3pm

Rundown for the session (job scope):
-Move furniture out of the house
-Fumigation and waiting time (volunteers will rest, have lunch and interact with the residents during this time)
-Return to the unit to clean up

C’mon and join in bringing joy to the elderly and needy in this estate this October.

Sign up at https://goo.gl/forms/GA5CHSA9upYaNJVq1

Registration will close on 2nd Oct 2016.