Car enthusiasts combine charity work with play

A group of car hobbyists is going the extra mile to combine charity work with play.

The four-wheel drive enthusiasts call themselves the All Wheelers Group.

There are some 600 members today, up from just three in 2010.

Apart from off-road drives to Malaysia twice a month, the group has also been gearing up for regular charity work.

This Ramadan, some members put together food hampers for some 25 needy households.

The group also gives out cash and items like food, new clothes and shopping vouchers during festivities like Lunar New Year and Christmas.

Joyce Lim, a member of the group, said: “I find it very meaningful to be a part of the AWG family, to be able to take part in this meaningful event – the Ramadan event. Every year, we have all these events, and it’s a contribution from our society to the community.”

Source: CNA