Volunteer Camp Leaders Needed for MYMCA Children Camps 2021

Volunteer Camp Leaders Needed for MYMCA Children Camps 2021

Metropolitan YMCA Singapore (MYMCA) is looking for fully vaccinated youth volunteers between the age of 15 to 25 years old to be its Camp Leaders.

MYMCA’s Learning & Adventure Programmes are for 5-12 years old, and there will be two children camps this upcoming school holidays.

MYMCA Camp 2021
Dates: November 22-26
Time: Daily 0730hrs – 1830hrs
Brief: November 21, 1330hrs to 1530hrs at MYMCA

The camp motto is “PLAY + ADVENTURE = SMARTER KIDS”, therefore having FUN is the top priority for this camp!

The activities are also designed to impart the core values of Caring, Honesty, Responsibility and Respect.
The camps’ main objective is value and character development and camp organisers will seek out teachable moments to let them better understand themselves. Activities are designed for kids to better understand how to be considerate and compassionate.

The campers are 7-12 years old.

Mini Commando Camp 2021
Dates: November 29 – December 1
Time: Daily 0730hrs – 1830hrs
Brief: November 28, 1330hrs to 1530hrs at MYMCA

This is MYMCA’s special camp geared toward the exploration of Multiple Intelligences for younger campers!
It is a 3 day programme with activities that focuses on its three main sensory receivers: Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic.

The camps’ main objective is value and character development and camp organisers will seek out teachable moments to let them better understand themselves. Activities are designed for kids to better understand how to be considerate and compassionate.

The campers are 5-7 years old.

All volunteer must be trained before leading in the camps.

Volunteers will be taught basic pedagogical approaches and camp facilitation skills.

Below are the dates that will be available:
Nov 6 (Sat) 1230hrs to 1730hrs
Nov 7 (Sun) 1230hrs to 1730hrs
Nov 13 (Sat) 1230hrs to 1730hrs
Nov 14 (Sun) 1230hrs to 1730hrs

Volunteers must be able to commit for the duration of the specific camp they express interest in!

To volunteer in this camp, please email the Camp Director Daniel Ang at Daniel.Ang@mymca.org.sg.

All of MYMCA’s proceeds for camps will fund their outreach projects for communities and the low income families.

If you are interested to volunteer for other MYMCA’s projects you can visit https://mymca.org.sg/programmes

Volunteers needed – Phone Befrienders and Antigen Rapid Test Supervisors

Name of Volunteering Programme: Phone Befriender

Programme Description:
Tele-befriending volunteers are needed to provide phone befriending services to SNM’s beneficiaries. Tele-Befriending is important to help the senior to find hope, support and strength due to Covid-19 restrictions. We are aiming to ensure seniors receives the necessary social and care support by giving them a listening ear.

Fortnightly calls (preferably on weekdays mornings and afternoons) to the beneficiaries at a timing suitable for both the beneficiary and the tele-befriender. Each call will take around 10 to 15 minutes

Volunteer Roles
Roles of a Tele- Befriender

Ideally, the relationship is non-judgemental, mutual, purposeful, and there is a commitment for 3 months and more.
Fortnightly calls with the seniors to catch up and build a healthy rapport
To empathise with how the senior has been coping thus far amidst the pandemic
To note on their current social and mental status
Be able to provide social support via tele befriending

Length of Commitment:
Minimum 3 months (We hope there is a sustainable relationship between volunteers and seniors)

1. English and one other native languages (Mandarin, Hokkien) (Recruitment for Tamil and Malayalam speaking volunteers have closed due to overwhelming response)
2. Caring and able to create a good conversation with seniors
3. Good interpersonal skills

Antigen Rapid Test Supervisors

Activity description
Help to supervise the Antigen Rapid Test Procedures at SNM Nursing Home

Key responsibilities
Attend a 4 hour Antigen Rapid Test course (Held in English or Chinese) to learn how to supervise the Antigen Rapid Test
Be available for two of the time slots from (Wednesday to Friday and Sunday 10.30am to 1.30 pm and Monday , Wednesday, Friday 4.30pm to 7.30pm)
Be stationed at SNM Nursing Home at 12 Yishun Ave 5 to guide and assist visitors in the Antigen Rapid Test Procedures
Volunteers have to be fully vaccinated

No of volunteers required: 4 people ( Each volunteer is required to take 2 time slots)

Age range: Above 18 preferred

Commitment period: 6 months preferred as volunteers will be sent for a ART Supervision Training fully paid for by SNM

Interested volunteers can call VM at 86896939 or email shernice@snm.org.sg


Project MakeADifference Volunteer Recruitment

Project MakeADifference is formed by a group of students who are interested in bringing positive change to our environment, specifically by tackling the pertinent issue of food waste generated by various institutions in Singapore.

The group also intends to spread awareness of this issue and promote environmentally friendly practices among Singaporeans through the conduction of gardening and composting workshops as well. It will be composting food waste and distributing the produced compost to bring a love of nature and our food to the wider world.

Recruitment for volunteers are open for two wings within the organisation: HDB Workshops & Publicity/Liaisons.

Members of the HDB Workshops Wing will be working on arranging 2 workshop sessions (Composting & Gardening) for HDB residents in the CCK community. Specific requirements of such workshops will be disseminated amongst members upon signing up.

The Publicity/Liaisons Team, will be handling its social media platforms (e.g. Instagram, Project Website) and will also be sourcing for potential food waste sponsors with whom it can partner with so as to scale efforts further.

CIP Hours are awarded too, so do consider signing up at https://forms.gle/ZttWE9foFZhodseu7

PoPstrings Project Volunteer Recruitment

About PoPstrings Project
PoPstrings (“Power of Positivity”) Project is a social enterprise that aims to empower and support women who are survivors of domestic violence by providing them the confidence and opportunity to create handmade jewellery pieces.

The social enterprise sells handmade products such as bracelets and many other handmade jewellery pieces with the majority of its proceeds going towards the survivors to aid them in their daily lives by earning an extra income.

Volunteer Recruitment:
PoPstrings Project is currently looking for volunteers with specific skill sets for the roles needed for its project to move forward. The volunteer roles needed are:
· Sales and Marketing
· Vlog and Blog Content Strategists
· Photographers
· Social Media Graphic Designers

If you are interested to volunteer, please email gina@popstringsproject.org

You may find out more about the PoPstrings Project below:
Website: https://www.popstringsproject.org/
Volunteer Recruitment page: https://www.popstringsproject.org/be-a-part-of-popstrings
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/popstringsproject/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PoPstringsProject/