One-week FairPrice campaign to reduce plastic bag usage a success

Supermarket chain FairPrice has received strong support for its efforts to encourage customers to save and reduce the use of plastic bags.

The “FairPrice Cares!” campaign, which ran from April 22 to 28, has saved over 143,000 plastic bags in a single week.

The amount exceeded FairPrice’s target of saving 100,000 plastic bags in one week by over 40 per cent.

As part of the campaign, FairPrice donated S$30,000 to Bizlink Centre and Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled to assist them in their community work.

It had pledged to donate to them if it was able to exceed the target number of plastic bags to save for the campaign.

FairPrice’s plastic bags saving efforts first began in 2007, when it introduced the “FairPrice Green Rewards” initiative.

Customers who bring their own bags get a 10-cent rebate for a minimum purchase of S$10 when they shop for their groceries.

FairPrice said this has resulted in an annual saving of five to six million plastic bags over the past two years.

This article was first published in CNA