OTR Listens – Volunteer Recruitment

OTR Listens has served youth from all walks of life by providing a safe space for empathetic listening and emotional support. We are an online text-based chat support service, supported by trained volunteers.

We offer an ‘upstream’ and preventive program. Oftentimes, in any crisis, many just need some emotional support to get through a difficult and challenging moment – and then they will be able to carry on. In fact, a majority may not need any full-blown clinical intervention in coping with their challenges or life stressors. Studies have also shown that the preferred first contact among youth who need help – is usually an informal contact rather than a professional such as a counsellor or a therapist.

Come join us if our mission and work resonate with you, as we are expanding our service to serve more youth in need of emotional support.

Hear From Our Volunteer as well as Beneficiaries to help you decide.

Quote from our Listener: “With the rise in mental health awareness and more youths willing to seek help, I wanted to find a platform where I could contribute. The highly professional training and caring OTR Listens community gave me the confidence to speak to those in need. Even if it’s just lending a listening ear, every conversation with a seeker leads to a small but tangible impact. OTR Listens not only provides me an avenue to care and empathize with others, but it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had.”

Positive words from Beneficiaries
“Thank you for being here with me and believing me even though I don’t believe in myself.”
“The part where you told me what I’m going through is normal and I should give myself time – really helped me.”
“I am always grateful that Avie is always there for me on this journey.”

How To Be our Chatline Volunteer?
● Above 21 years old and based in Singapore.
● Comfortable with online text-based chats, right where you are (no travel needed).
● Ability to commit 4 hours of duty every week for a minimum duration of 1 year.
● A good and patient ”Listener”.
● Willing and keen to learn the OTR Listens approach to providing support on the chatline (all will be trained).

Wait no further and sign-up now, as our next Volunteer Training is coming up in early-April 2023.

Should you require more information, do contact us at contact@overtherainbow.sg or visit OTRListens.net