27 year old wins Eco Music Challenge

A 27-year-old Marketing Communicator has won the third Eco Music Challenge, a songwriting competition organised by the National Environment Agency (NEA).

Shaun Jansen’s winning song, “The World Needs Help”, highlights environmental degradation and calls on listeners to adopt eco-friendly lifestyles.

It will be the Clean and Green Singapore theme song for 2013.

The campaign encourages Singaporeans to adopt eco-practices for a positive impact on the environment.

NEA said it received a record number of entries – close to 330 entries from about 1,000 contestants for the competition.

12 finalists got to attend a three-week mentorship programme with Eco Music Challenge judges, who included veteran songwriters and composers, before performing their works at a concert on Saturday afternoon.

NEA’s Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Tan, said: “We’re heartened to see individuals stepping up, and friends and family members uniting to remind others that caring for the environment is everyone’s duty. By adopting even the simplest green habits, each of us will contribute to a cleaner and greener environment for our community.”

The winners and finalists took home prizes worth over S$13,000.

This article was first published in CNA