Both Sides, Now – FOH Volunteer Open Call

This year, the Both Sides, Now Carnival brings individuals, friends, families and community together to enjoy the moment of being alive, while acknowledging our mortality which is interconnected with others.

Through performances, installations, films, and participatory arts activities for all ages, this Carnival is an enjoyable and meaningful way to connect with ourselves, and those we care about.

Details of volunteering are as follows:
Date: 3 – 7 July 2019
Time: 4.00pm – 10.30pm (Breaks will be given in between)
Location: Open field next to SAFRA Mount Faber
Role: Usher, flyering, serve tea, crowd control, tending food/ info booth, collect feedback forms

Points to Note:
1) Volunteers need to be aged 18 and above
2) Volunteers to attend at least 1 rehearsal/FOH briefing on one of these dates & times on site:
a) 30 June 2019, 7pm – 10.30pm
b) 1 July 2019, 7pm – 10.30pm
c) 2 July 2019, 7pm – 10.30pm

For further enquiries, please email Joeve at or call 6324 5434

Sign up here:

Registration Deadline: Monday, 24 June 2019