PoPstrings Project Volunteer Recruitment

About PoPstrings Project
PoPstrings (“Power of Positivity”) Project is a social enterprise that aims to empower and support women who are survivors of domestic violence by providing them the confidence and opportunity to create handmade jewellery pieces.

The social enterprise sells handmade products such as bracelets and many other handmade jewellery pieces with the majority of its proceeds going towards the survivors to aid them in their daily lives by earning an extra income.

Volunteer Recruitment:
PoPstrings Project is currently looking for volunteers with specific skill sets for the roles needed for its project to move forward. The volunteer roles needed are:
· Sales and Marketing
· Vlog and Blog Content Strategists
· Photographers
· Social Media Graphic Designers

If you are interested to volunteer, please email gina@popstringsproject.org

You may find out more about the PoPstrings Project below:
Website: https://www.popstringsproject.org/
Volunteer Recruitment page: https://www.popstringsproject.org/be-a-part-of-popstrings
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/popstringsproject/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PoPstringsProject/