Grant a Treatment Flag Day

TP Healthcare Ltd is currently looking for volunteers to support their Flag Day on 11 August 2012.

“Grant a Treatment Flag Day” aims to raise fund for the Passion Fund to provide financial assistance to the needy sick and elderly requiring rehab therapy, nursing care, day care and transport services to receive treatment at the centre.

Every year they need to raise at least $250,000 for the Passion Fund. In 2011, TP Healthcare subsidized a total amount of $177,388 and $192,241 for centre-based programmes and transport services respectively. They foresee an increase in the assistance needed due to the ageing population.

You may support this cause through the following ways:

a) Street Collection – Need the support of at least 1000 volunteers aged 15 years old and above to participate for “Grant a Treatment Flag Day” street collection on 11 August 2012(Saturday). All proceeds will go towards the Passion Fund.

b) Pledge Cards – Donation collection through pledge cards will be from 11 July to 11 August 2012. Proceeds will be utilized to help cover the expenses of this fundraising event.

c) Counting – For volunteers aged 14 years old and below who wish to participate, you can join them in the counting of the Flag Day collection on 11 August 2012 at their centre. 100 volunteers are needed for the counting.

d) Distribution – Volunteers are also needed to assist TP Healthcare staff in distribution of tins, briefing of volunteers and collection of tins at the various distribution points. 20 volunteers are needed to be assigned at the various distribution points.

To volunteer, please call or email:
Ms Criss (Health Project Coordinator)
Tel No. 62598295

You may also wish to visit their website at for more information.