#amPowered Programme – Call for Mentors

#amPowered is a mentoring programme that aims to support and empower youths through their academic journey and life challenges.

Majulah Community is looking for awesome mentors willing to step forward and guide other youth!

There are 2 ongoing programmes:

1. #amPowered@ITE
This programme aims to engage first year NITEC and Higher NITEC Malay/Muslim students to:
– Enhance their motivation to strive for the highest possible qualifications whilst at ITE
– Strengthen their life skills and help them discover their gifts and strengths through the Gift Centred Mentoring (GCM) approach
– Provide and bridge students to opportunities to acquire core 21st Century skills

2. #amPowered@MTS
The programme aims to support and journey with the Sec 3 and Sec 4 NA/NT students enrolled in the Mendaki Tuition Scheme to:
– Enhance their motivation to succeed in their academic pursuit
– Refer those who are facing problems (e.g. financial difficulties) to necessary and relevant assistance
– Provide guidance for them to make better-informed decisions for their future education pathways

Head over to tinyurl.com/ampowered to find out more!