StarHub Donate-A-Tone

StarHub Donate-A-Tone

StarHub has just launched a brand new technological initiative named Donate-A-Tone, which allows its mobile customers to do their part for charity by helping raise awareness and donating to Samaritans of Singapore (SOS).

SOS can now tap onto a previously unused media space of a 2.5 million-strong network of mobile subscribers: Their Connecting Tones. Connecting tones are the sounds, either tones or music, that a caller hears when he or she places a call.

StarHub mobile subscribers can simply visit microsite to opt to donate their Connecting Tones to SOS. Upon confirmation, their Connecting Tones will then be switched to a message from SOS asking for donations and volunteers.

StarHub will waive the usual one-time subscription fee of S$2.14 for customers signing up for Connecting Tones for the first time, if their selection is Donate-A-Tone. The separate monthly Connecting Tones charge of S$2.14 that is payable by customers monthly will go wholly to SOS. In addition, the StarHub Sparks Fund will match all donations made through Donate-A-Tone subscriptions dollar-for-dollar, up to S$50,000.

StarHub lets you donate your Connecting Tone to a good cause. Turn it into a message by the Samaritans of Singapore. Find out more.